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Message from Convener

Dr. Prabin Manandhar, Convener, ACT Alliance Nepal Forum


Happy New Year 2016!

ACT Alliance Nepal Forum, a network of like-minded humanitarian and development organizations working in Nepal, has played an important role in the aftermath of the April 25 earthquake. We, the members of the alliance, were able to reach out the people affected by the devastating earthquake right from day one. We provided relief to the people of the 14 worst-hit districts and have been supporting the affected communities focusing on the most vulnerable groups including people with disability, elderly, single women, Dalits, and indigenous people in recovery and reconstruction.

I am glad to note that ACT Alliance Nepal Forum has been an active network for sharing and learning amongst the members. We have worked together for ACT Alert, ACT Appeal, Needs Assessment, Security, Visibility and Actions to provide immediate and transitional support to the earthquake victims in coordination with the government, international community and civil society organizations.We have been making efforts in order to render our work more accessible to the stakeholders.

As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, we have now launched a website of ACT Alliance Nepal Forum. This is common platform of the alliance members to document, share and receive feedback on our work. It reflects the growing importance of information sharing.  I trust the website will be a valuable to project our shared vision and collective action.  I hope it would be an important medium to communicate with the stakeholders and you will find the content useful.I would like to thank every member organization and staff for your support.

Happy surfing!

Dr. Prabin Manandhar

Convener, ACT Alliance Nepal Forum




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