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Octogenarian’s Dreams Come True

Octogenarian’s Dreams Come True Photo Credit:Umesh Pokharel

Octogenarian’s Dreams Come True

By Umesh Pokharel

Dawa Nanggang Tamang (80 years), a senior citizen of Grey village in Gatlang village development committee (VDC), has finally completed reconstruction of his house. People from Gre supported Tamang in reconstruction. Skilled mason did huge discount on their remuneration while some unskilled labor worked free of charge. More importantly, his nephew took a lead in reconstruction.  

At the beginning, Tamang was not sure if he could rebuild his house. Managing funds, finding masons to start reconstruction were a daunting task for him. The Octogenarian had no family members to support except for his septuagenarian wife.

“Once The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Nepal and Manekor Society Nepal (MSN) provided me first installment of shelter grant and LWF encouraged local masons to accord priority to build my house, situation favored me”, Tamang says.  

“LWF Nepal and MSN provided a total of Rs 200,000 to Tamang while last installment of Rs  100,000 is still to be disbursed, ” Bhimshen Shrestha,  Rasuwa  District Manager of LWF Nepal says.

Dawa’s house was the first house in the village to be completed. As of now, a total of 22 houses have been rebuilt in the village while 79 are under construction.

LWF Nepal provides cash support of Rs 300,000 to 101 shelter beneficiaries in Gre village in Rasuwa while National Reconstruction Authority inspects the houses and provides feedback for necessary correction.  Apart from that LWF Nepal provides technical support to make the house earthquake-resilient. Earlier, it provided training in earthquake-resistant masonry to local masons.

During the relief phase, LWF Nepal had provided relief materials, transitional shelter and livelihood support to the earthquake-affected population in the village. Also, LWF Nepal repaired/rehabilitated water schemes in the VDC. 

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