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Relief Support was a Life-saver

Relief Support was a Life-saver

The rural Village Development Committee (VDC) of Kolki in Lamjung District comprises 377 households. It is situated between the northwestern border of Gorkha District and the eastern part of Bhalayakharka VDC in Lamjung. After the devastating earthquake on 25 April 2015, many people in Kolki lost their houses, foodstuffs, clothing and other belongings. People are now living under makeshift arrangements and emergency shelters with dismal protection from heat, rain and wind. The affected people do not even have adequate security of whatsoever belongings they are left with, as there is no cover and no secure space for household activities. Due to losing most their crucial possessions, they are in urgent need of essential supplies.


Mr. Ram Kumar Pariyar, 31, is a resident of Kolki VDC Ward no.4 in Lamjung District. He has two sons aged 5 and 2. Mrs. Sita Pariyar, his wife, is a housewife. Ram’s only source of income is farming, through which he makes earning for daily food and clothing needs.

The earthquake converted his house into rubble right in front of his eyes within a minute, rendering him homeless and helpless. He and his family members were forced to dwell in the open. The family was condemned to bear the loss of food stuffs alongside other belongings, which were buried under the debris of their own house. Ram Kumar not only lost the daily consumables meant for him and his family but also crop the seeds, which were awaiting plantation. He could only pray to God that somebody would come to rescue him and his family out of the crisis, so that they could regain their hope and recuperate.

In such a scenario, LWR and its local partner COPPADES surveyed the losses borne by the local households hoping that something could be done to help the earthquake victims. Mr. Pariyar knew the people who came to conduct the survey as COPPADES had already been carrying out other programs in the area. This was significant for Mr. Pariyar, who, like other people in the village, promptly came out and reported the village’s damage and loss to the COPPADES’ staff he recognized. Following the survey, LWR and COPPADES delivered immediate relief materials like food, blankets and tarpaulins to Mr. Pariyar’s VDC. He recalls (in his own words), “the relief support was a life saver because we were totally hopeless about protecting ourselves from hunger, cold and rain. Thanks to COPPADES and LWR, as now we have some respite from the misery and have regained energy to work for more sustainable living conditions for our families.”He added that many in Kolki share his sentiments.


COPPADES has continued its program to help community members rebuild their shelters.  Through the Nepal Earthquake Response Project (NERP) in Kolki VDC, people are now provided with temporary shelter materials like CGI sheets and tools as well as soybean seeds for their livelihood support.

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