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Medium-term support

The medium-term support has been in terms of improving the affected individuals’ livelihood and food security alongside providing them with clean drinking water and irrigation facilities. Capacity building with regard to agricultural prospects and livestock rearing via trainings and material support are some of the aspects under the Forum’s assistance strategy. Improvement of temporary shelters through the means like mason training and equipment support, so as to make them more liveable particularly for the most vulnerable ones such as children, women, elderly and people with chronic illnesses, also falls under this category. Besides a haven, sanitation too is equally crucial so as to prevent the vulnerable masses from possible health hazards. The focus thus has also been towards organizing WASH related trainings and orientations at community level. Community-based psychosocial support to help the affected individuals recover from post traumatic stress disorder to help them cope with the current disaster is another important aspect of the ongoing humanitarian intervention, overall intended to help the vulnerable masses go about their lives in dignity with alleviated risk-factors.  


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