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Long-term support

The long-term support, in this regard, ranges from assisting in setting-up conditions to building infrastructures for the education of children in the quake-affected regions. The scheme comes in the face of a widespread damages caused by the earthquake on the educational infrastructures. Establishment of learning centers, support in building school buildings and teachers trainings fall under this category. Besides that, the development interventions are carried out in cooperation with local NGOs and organized village communities in the targeted regions so as to ensure a sustainable outcome. Likewise, the long-term goal involves improving people’s vigilance against natural disasters with focus on Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Preparedness and Response. The ACT Alliance Nepal Forum’s ultimate objective is to ensure human Rights; Impartiality, Inclusion and Participation, Accountability, Gender Justice along with Climate Justice and Environmental Sustainability, all in all to empower the people of Nepal to achieve their full potential so that they could meet their basic needs and improve their quality of life.


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