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Act Alliance Members in Nepal for Joint Monitoring Visit

Act Alliance Members in Nepal for Joint Monitoring Visit

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January 11, 2016

The members of the ACT Alliance arrived here in Kathmandu on 10th of January for a joint monitoring visit. The visit is aimed at taking stock of the impact of the alliance’s and its partners’ assistance targeted towards the victims of the devastating earthquake on April earlier this year. The team started its field visit from 11th of January, following a kick-off program held at the capital’s Sangrila Hotel amid the presence of government and media representatives.


The visit would basically focus on assessing the extent of progress of the Nepal earthquake response program being implemented by ACT Alliance Nepal Forum members under Act Appeal. The monitoring will also mull over if the implemented programmes are in line with the ACT Appeal. As there are some ACT Alliance members new to Nepal, the visit will also be considering if they could channel their funds and resources through the already existing members here in the country. 

Besides that, the visit would examine how ACT Alliance members both abiding and not abiding by the Appeal have effectively collaborated in terms of programmes’ implementation and interventions alongside how this has been able to add value to the Appeal response. Rationale would be sought even from the alliance members not abiding the ACT Appeal that why shouldn’t they consider supporting the existing members themselves. 

Likewise, the joint monitoring visit will assess quality and participatory based approach adopted by the alliances’ projects with regard to the assistance to the earthquake victims. In general, the purpose is to delve into how far the Appeal response has taken the aspects like gender, inclusion and accountability into consideration during the course of its interventions. 

The visit is also aimed at analyzing the ACT Alliance’s involvement in the UN cluster system and its overall cluster coordination mechanisms, both at national, governmental and regional levels. Eventually, the monitoring team will be providing constructive feedback and suggestions, alongside exchanging experiences and lessons learned from other contexts. The overall objective of the visit will be to strengthen the on-going projects and future interventions of the ACT Alliance in Nepal. Wrapping up their visit, the joint monitoring team is slated to return on 17th of January. The alliance is a global association of churches and related humanitarian organizations that focuses on sustainable development and humanitarian assistance.

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